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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

123movies – Is it legal? + The 4 best alternatives

With the demise of 123movies, some alternative platforms have emerged to succeed the mother of all streaming sites. One of the most popular releases is 123movies. From classics to current blockbusters of all genres, the directory reaches films, series, documentaries and erotic films that are available for free. With its huge offer, the site is regularly represented in the top 100 of the most popular websites. But is 123movies legal or should you stay away from it? And what are the best alternatives?

For those in a hurry, the short answer

In a nutshell: Movie 4k is not a serious offer. On the platform, windy wheelers with the protected works make other money. This does not mean that using it as a normal viewer must be illegal in any case, merely calling up the site is legally unproblematic. According to current case law at the European level, however, it can be assumed that you could be prosecuted for streaming movies because of a copyright infringement. Better use the legal alternatives!

What is Movie 4k anyway?

Operators like 123movies insist that their sites are legal. Their reason: The films themselves are not stored on the servers of 123movies, but with external One Click Hostern. 123movies only works like a special search engine that provides the links, so legally everything is fine. Against such a view but speak the arrest warrants and judgments against the site operators. It’s the same principle as 123movies For the courts they are definitely criminals and the offers are illegal. Are the users then also criminals?

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